Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Anechoic Chambr

Anechoic Chamber (電波暗室, Denpa Anshitsu) is the fourteenth chapter of the Takamagahara series.

Front PageEdit

Yamato and and Taiju are fighting arcane games style. Yamato is on the left with a half life, 0 level and some energy done. Taiju is on the right with full life, 2 level, and full energy. A crowd is cheering behind them, with Kumaso and Izumo in the crowd.


Yamato walks back to the fight, while the crowd yells at him included Kumaso and Izumo. Yamato realize that he can hear again and thinks that Taiju's Divine Gift has to do with sound. Yamato also thinks that his Divine Gift is strength and that he can use it subconsciously. Before Yamato can continue to fight, He suddenly hears alot of sounds. Taiju the punches Yamato. Yamato thinks something is wrong and thinks about the fight. Yamato then remembers how Mutsu told him about how he fought two guys where one manipulated the other.

Yamato then realizes that he is fighting one more person. Yamato realizes what both Kikuchi and Emishi has said to him and realizes that he is facing Emishi too. Emishi figures that Yamato has found him out but has planned for it. Yamato then tries to attack Emishi but Taiju punches him. Yamato realizes that Emishi is protected and that he needs to he has to tell Kumaso and Izumo.

Izumo then sees Yamato trying to say something. Kumaso then tells Izumo that all the sound around Yamato and Taiju has disappeared. Emishi then realizes that Yamato is trying to tell his friends but he has planned for that too and explains his gift. Emishi then has Taiju unleach a sound attack. Yamato is then bambarded with a ton of sounds which Yamato realizes something. Emishi then thinks that he has won but Kumaso stops him but pointing his sword at him. Kumaso then tells himthat he can lip read which Emishi hasn't planned for. Yamato then realizes that no he can focus and prepares to win with one punch.