Divine Gift is the name of the special abilities that people have.


Everyone has their own special ability. However most people do not know of their own abilities and die without ever once using them. Divine Gifts can also be classified into two catergories, direct and indirect types.

List of Divine GiftsEdit

Main TrioEdit


  • Type: Direct
  • User: Yamato Yamada
  • Effect: Yamato has awakened his divine gift, though his ability is not fully understood. His ability seem to revolve around him having enhanced strength. As Yamato is put in further situations his defensive strength increases. At one situation Yamato was able to produce black flames, it's unknown what he can do with it. However after using the ehancement, he becomes heavily exhasuted. Apparently, when Yamato uses his Divine Gift clouds encircle his location which is why his Divine Gift is called "Gathering Clouds of Heaven". After gaining the chouran, Yamato is faster and able to stretch his punches by utilizing his bandages.


  • Type: Direct
  • User: Kumaso
  • Effect: Kumaso can gather collect shadows in his blade and unleash it in a black stream slash that can cut objects at a distance. After enough training and practice Kumaso learned to use makeshift light sources as surrogate shadows to attack with, in his words "using shadows hidden within the light" as a blade.


  • Type: Direct
  • User: Yakumo Izumo
  • Effect: Izumo can turn a squirrel into a gun, He can also fires bullets that can pierce a knife and can even change the shape of the bullet to knock out an opponent. Izumo has limited ammo depending on the amount of blood in the animal. When he is out of ammo, the gun changes back into a animal.

Takeru SchoolEdit

Change To WordsEdit

  • Type: Indirect
  • User: Kikuchi
  • Effect: Kikuchi can place kanji words on a person and cause them to do what the kanji mean. For example, by placing the kanji sleep on a person they will fall asleep.

Anechoic ChamberEdit

  • Type: Indirect
  • User: Taiju Ooki
  • Effect: Taiju can arbitrarily silence all sound within a 5-meter radius, which makes it feel like to be in a soundproof room. It has also another ability of all the sound he has absorbed, and release them as attacking waves.manipulate sound in some way so that his opponent can't hear.


  • Type: Indirect
  • User: Emishi Udehara
  • Effect: Emishi can control a person with a controller that appears on his arm, after he punches them in the face.

Unnamed Were-Komodo AbilityEdit

  • Type: Direct
  • User: Komodo
  • Effect: Komodo can turn into a were-Komodo dragon.

Unnamed Hammer AbilityEdit

  • Type: Direct
  • User: Unnamed Hammer weilding Student
  • Effect: This ability allows the peson to weild and split a two headed hammer.

Unnamed Were-Tiger AbilityEdit

  • Type: Direct
  • User: Unnamed Were-Tiger Student
  • Effect: This ability allows the person to turn in a were-tiger.

Tagged EvilEdit

  • Type: Direct
  • User: Unnamed Tag Student
  • Effect: This ability allows the person to created weapons from tags.

Bowling BoxingEdit

  • Type: Direct
  • User: Unnamed Bowling Ball Student
  • Effect: This ability allows the person to weild two large bowling balls like boxing gloves.

Submission SpannerEdit

  • Type: Direct
  • User: Unnamed wrench weilding student
  • Effect: This ability allows the person to dislocate joints with a large wrench.



  • Type: Indirect
  • User: Unnamed Takamagahara Student
  • Effect: This able allows the user to create people by his side. The people will disappear if they go far away from him.


The Blade of the UnchainedEdit

  • Type: Direct
  • User: Oruha Shouta
  • Effect: Oruha has a countless number of small rectangular blades layered inside his bodies. He can combine them and form swords that are even larger than his body. He can also bring out the blades from anywhere on his body.

The Swollen GodEdit

  • Type: Direct
  • User: Doumoto Hitoshi
  • Effect: Doumoto has the ability to drain a person of their blood and mummify them. He can also change his body into a more muscler build. This form also has the ability to absorb blows because of the liquid the user absorbs.

Unnamed Nose Hair AbilityEdit

  • Type: Indirect
  • User: Unknown
  • Effect: This ability allows a person to grow a super long nose hair from their right nostril.

Unnamed RIce AbilityEdit

  • Type: Indirect
  • User: Unknown
  • Effect: This ability allows a person to turn a whole bowl of rice deep blue.

Yin-Yag InversionEdit

  • Type: Indirect
  • User: Mizuho Tayama
  • Effect: Mizuho can change her gender into a man and possibly switch the living world with that of the dead.