Divine Gifts (Chapter)
Chapter 2




Kami no Okurimono

Release Date:

July 11, 2012


Introduction Arc





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Divine Gifts (神の贈り物, Kami no Okurimono) is the second chapter of the Takamagahara manga series.

Front PageEdit

Yamato in his school inform and his arm bandaged, standing in front of Takamagahara.


Kikuchi reports that Yamato Yamada has awakened his Divine Blood, but the gift he posses is still unknown. Someone then announces that there is another one who has awaken his Divine Gift and that man is too dangerous. They conclude that Yamato and the other must not meet, but someone mentions that it's a matter of time, for those who have awoken their Divine Blood, to meet.

In school, Yamato is greeted by a shave headed man with sharp teeth and his followers. When Yamato asks who he is, he reveals that he is Fukada Kyouji. Fukada then bows along with his follower and explains that he dissolved his Fukakyon army and decided to support that Yamato as the Yamato Shogunate. Yamato wonders what is going on, which Fukada explains since he beat him, he is now the boss of Takachiho. Yamato tries to decline it but to no avail. Fukada then expresses the Yamato Shogunate, with everyone cheering (except Yamato) and start to follow him everywhere. Fukada then asks if something is wrong with Yamato. Yamato tells him that he doesn't want to conquer the world and that he wants to draw jump. Fukada is glad that Yamato draws jump and starts to read his manga. The followers find it awful, but Fukada find it great, which makes Yamato glad. Yamato is then walking alone, when Kikuchi surprises him. Kikuchi asks what is wrong but Yamato tells him that its none of his business.

In class, Yamato's friends ask what happened to his right arm and that he has become a gang boss. Yamato denies this and then notices that Inaba walks in. They asks why he is friends with him, which he explains that he was one of the finalist in the monthly prize and has contacts in the manga industry. Yamato then goes to greet Inaba. Inaba then asks if Yamato is going to enter the Tezuka award and that the deadline is today. Yamato is shocked and tries to explains why he has delayed. Inaba then tells him that he will help him.

Later at the Yamada House, Musashi tells them that they are going to go out and eat Yakiniku. Musashi then asks Inaba to join, but Yamato tells him that he is there to help him, then the brothers leave. Inaba ask Yamato if he can draw with his arm like that. Yamato then tries to draw but causes the pen to go through the paper and the table.

Elsewhere, Fukada and his followers are walking to Yamato's home with food for him. They then meet a man who asks if they are there to bully him. The man then starts telling that they are going to bully him. They hear a strange sound and the man says that its time to start hunting the brutes.

Later Yamato and Inaba are almost done with the manga, when Fukada's first follower comes. He tells them that they ran into a man with a giant blade and started to slice them to shreds. He then asks Yamato to save Fukada before he is killed. Inaba tells Yamato that they need to finish the manga, but Yamato then gets angry and stands up.

At the site, Fukada wonders what this guy is. The guy says that he has this power to bully those that have bullied him. Fukada then notices the sound again. A sharp blade comes from the man's palm and extends to Fukada's chin. He then tells Fukada that he will use this power to slaughter all shit-heads like him. Yamato then punches him in the face, which sends him flying. Yamato then asks him what he is doing to his friends, which surprises Fukada.