Emisee Udehara (レガシーシステム, Regashii Shisutemu) is a student at Takamagahara. He attends the Takeru School that Kikuchi is entrusted with. He is also known as UDEHARA in the gaming world and Emishi the Wimp back at school.


Emisee is a skiny average height male student, he has a pale face with short spiky hair, big eyes with bags under it. He wears a dark-colored gakuran, pants and shoes. When his activates his ability, his hair stands up.


Emisee has a meek personality, whenever he gets nervous he the drums his fingers on objects or his arm. With an unknown method he is able to understand Taiju's ".....". Emishi also likes to play games. He even enter national tournament as he like to play games alot. Later he is shown tobe manipulitive and will to control anyone to get his way.


Emishi was forced to do as Taiju and his friends say. When he refused or talked backed, he would get hurt. When he tried to talk to others, no one would listen. One day, he punched Taiju in the face. When Taiju was about to attack him, Emishi's Divine Gift had awoken and he took control of Taiju. Kikuchi then appeared before him and Taiju and took them to Takamagahra.


Takagamahara Academy ArcEdit

When a student asks for Taiju's advice what to with the new students, Emise was loudly drumming with his fingers on a table, he was demanded to stop. He then proceeds to drum on his arm, because it's not so loud. He was ordered to translate Saiju's "....." to the others, Emisee tells them if they do not come to them, that they will greet them. When the guys return, Emisee translate what Taiju says about them. When they talk about him, Taiju punches and he tells them that Taiju doesn't like it when people make fun of him. He then headsout of the room.

He then comes across Yamato, Kumaso, and Izumo (which he sees as scary) and runs away. He then comes back and notices that they are the teammates that beat the delinquents in his class. He then introduces himself to them. He then tells them that the delinquents make him do many annoying things. He then brings them toget coffee. He then tells them that not all Divine Gifts are useful in battle or daily life. He tells them about how he meet a girl who can grow a super long nose hair out of her right nostril, and how another one can turn a whole bowl of rice deep blue. He then tells them about his Divine Gift and how he can increase his life in a game. He then aks them if they like to play games. He then gets excited and ask if they have heard of him as UDEHARA.

Emishi then receives some advice from Yamato and decides to increase his confidence by hitting someone. He then asks Yamato but Yamato declines. He then looks at Kumaso but Kumaso is scaried away. When Izumo volunteers, he punches him in the head, which increases his confidence. When Izumo asks about their boss, He tells his name and that they used to go to the same school before coming to Takamagahara. He also tells them that he really strong and that doesn't know how his Divine Gift works. He then brings them to his classroom.

When they get to the classrom, he reveals that he was ordered to bring them to Taiju. He then watches as Taiju faces Yamato. Emishi then realizes that Yamato has figures out what he is doing. When Yamato tries to attack him, Emishi has Taiju punch Yamato. He then has Taiju use Anechoic Chamber, Release when Yamato tries to call for help. Emishi is then stopped when Kumaso points his sword at him. Emishi is the shocked when Kumaso tells him that he can read lips.

Emishi's sleeve is then cut when Taiju loses. Emishi then explains how his life was beforehis Divine Gift awokened and how it awoken. He also says that he uses Taiju gift to silents him and reveals that he has a second controller. He then has Izumo attack Yamato but is blocked by Kumaso. He then has Izumo fire a barrage of bullet untilthey run out. When Izumo explains his ability, he tries to get his classmates to attack them but they turn on him. Emishi is the saved by Taiju who apologizes to him. Emishi the thanks Taiju and apologizes to him. He then bows when Taiju says that they will now serve Yamato. When Yamato asks for the chouran, he tells him that they don't have it. He then explains that the Takeru School has four towers and each boss of the tower has the chouran.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Emishi is a weak person. He is also clever and manipulitive as he was able to trick everyone in their class.


Emishi's dvine gift is an indirect gift. It allows him to take control of a person with a controller that appears on his arm, after he punches them in the face. He can only control two people at the same time due to him ony aving two arms and he can't control thier head or mouth. Yet he can utilize another person's; devine gift.  

  • Anechoic Chamber, Release: Emishi has Taiju release a barrage of sound that overwelms his opponent and the people around them.
  • 16-Shot Rabid Fire: Emishi has Izumo fire 16 bullet in rabid fire but since Izumo ran out of bullets, it does nothing.


  • Emishi is shown to be extremly weak as Yamato believe that Mizuho can win in a fight against him.