Enter Mizuho

Chapter 5:Enter Mizuho

Enter Mizuho (みずほを入力します, mizuhowo nyuuryoku shimasu) is the fifth chapter of the Takamagahara manga series.

Front PageEdit

Yamato stands next to himself, one wears his Takamagahara uniform and the other wearing his regular outfit.


The next day, Musashi is practicing by juggling a sandbag by punching it. Yamato is drawing his manga then start to wonders if his power a Divine Gift and how he awakened his. He then remarks how he fail to make the deadline for the Tezuka Award. His brothers then wonder what is wrong with Yamato. One of Yamato's brother then changes the subject to reopening the dojo to make more money. Musashi says the he makes enough with his MMA fighting. The other brother says now yes but for them to times about the future and that they eat to much. Yamato says that even if they reopen the dojo, they would get more people looking to trash the place instead of followers.

Mizuho then comes in and says that she wants to fight Yamato. Yamato then asks what she is doing their and if why is she wearing her school uniform. Mizuho then asks how Yamato can talk to a girl who is older then him so rudely. Yamato then yells at her saying that they are the same age. Mizuho then tells Yamato to stop drawing and to help her train. Yamato tells her that he needs to finish before the next deadline. Mizuho calls him a coward but Yamato says that she cant be him. Mizuho then attack him but it does nothing. He then continues working while Mizuho continues to punch him. Yamato tells her to stop trying to be strong but she tells him to shut up. Mizuho then expresses her desire to be the strongest girl. Yamato then reminds her how weak she is. Hyuuga then puts on some mitts but Mizuho passes. Mizuho tells them that she has to get to school for club duty. Musashi then tells Mizuho to be careful about someone attacking women. Mizuho says that she will kick their ass but the Yamada brother tell her that its impossible.

Elsewhere a guy named Doumoto Hitoshi, is hitting on a girl. They then head somewhere to sit. They are then are stopped by Kaneda saying that she is his girl. Hitoshi then says that she is free to choose for her self and that every guy has a shot to get the girl. Kaneda then bring his to his hang out spot. Hitoshi then counts ten of them and says taht he can handle them all. Kaneda then says that he doesn't need any help and punches him. Hitoshi then grabs his wrist and mummifies him. Hitoshi then grows bigger and attacks the others. After Hitoshi finishes them off, the girl calls him a monster. Hitoshi then tells her that he is bueatiful and that she is same as the rest. Hitoshi then grabs her and says that girls blood taste and feels much better. Hitoshi then wonder where a girl who is cheerful, energetic and healthy and who won't fool around with other guys. He then notices Mizuho.