Fukada Kyouji

Fukada Kyouji (深田恭, Fukada Kyouji) also kown as Fukakyon. He was once the leader of the Fukakyon Army, but created the Yamato Shogunate after being defeated by Yamato Yamada.


Fukada is a large man that towers over most people, with a shaved head. He also has thin eyebrows, shadows under each eye, a flat nose, and sharp teeth. He wear a white button down shirt with large beads around him neck. He also wears blue jeans.

Fukada used to has a drill like pompadour but shaved it after being defeated by Yamato.


Fukada was once the leader of his own gang and wished to dominate the whole country. He will even make fun of anyone he believes is weaker then him. After being defeated by Yamato, Fukada started to admire him. He even wishes to join Yamato and have him take over the country. Fukada is even willing to take an attack meant for Yamato.

Fukada also enjoys reading jump (espcially the yankee manga). He also thinks that Yamato's manga is great and willing to go beat up the editors if Yamato doesn't win the awards. Fukada also has a liking for bananas.



Introduction ArcEdit

Fukada sent Yamato a letter (which he thou(which Fukada is ht was a love letter) to a fight on the roof. After Yamato arrived, Fukada introduces himself and tells him that he wants to raise his reputation by defeating one of the Yamada Brothers. Fukada then start to pound Yamato and even insults his family. Yamato then caughts his fist and punches Fukada in the face. This sends him flying to the other roof.

The next day, a shaved head Fukada greets Yamato. When Yamato asks who he is, he reveals himself to be Fukada. He then bos down and asks Yamato to let him join him. When Yamato ask why, he tells him that since he defeated him Yamato is the boss now. Yamato then tries to reason with him, but Fukada thinks he is just being humble and cheers for him. He then starts to follow him around everywhere. After he asks if Yamato is okay, Yamato shouts at him and reveals that he just wants to draw manga. Fukada gets excited and then reads it. He thinks its great and tells him that he will win the prize for sure.

After school, Fukada is bringing food to Yamato when he runs into a guy. When the guy asks if they are their to bully him, Fukada asks him where did that come from. Fukada is then attacks along with his followers. After all his followers are defeated, then guy points a blade at him and he tells him that he was given this power to slaughter people like them. Yamato then saves him (which Fukada is greatful for). When Oruha tries to sneak attack Yamato, Fukada jumps in and takes the attack. Fukada then tells Yamato the Oruha uses swords that he hides in his sleaves. He then watches Yamato fight Oruha. After Yamato defeats Oruha, Fukada rushes to Yamato but he is put to sleep by Kikuchi, along with his followers.

The next day, Fukada and his followers are recuperating at a hospital. When Yamato visits him, Fukada is glad that he came and brought him some bananas. When Yamato asks how he is doing, Fukada says that he is fine and that he is moved that Yamato came to check on him. He then tells him that he can't believe that he got cut up by some random slasher. When Mizuho shows up, Fukada is shocked and calls her Tayama. When Yamato learns that Fukada and Mizuho are classmates, Fukada tells him that Mizuho talks to guys like them normally and so they have become close friends. When Yamato says that he is his senpai, Fukada tells him that its doesn't matter and that he was born early so they are the same age. Mizuho then hands him some DVDs so they won't get bored. Fukada then asks how Mizuho and Yamato know each other. When he learns that they are childhood friends, Fukada says that she is now their Big Sis. Later when Yamato wonders about Mizuho, Fukada tells him that she went to go get flowers. When Yamato leaves, Fukada says that Yamato is going to find Mizuho, which he denies. Later when Yamato and Hitoshi are fighting, he thinks that its an earthquake. After the fight he wonder if the earthquake is over.

Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

After being releashed from the hosptial, Fukada heads to Yamato's class to thanks him for the bananas. When he sees Mizuho, He calls her big sis which she yells at him for calling her that. When he learns that Yamato isn't their he wonders where Yamato is.


Fukada has some strength as he was able to push Yamato back with one punch. He also has great stamina as he was able to survive when he was punch from one roof to the other.

  • Fukada-san's New Year's Eve Bell Pounding: Fukada punches his opponent and doesn't stop until he has delivered all 108 blows.

Fukada also has great hand writing because he he studied calligraphy.


  • Fukada is the only person that enjoys Yamato's manga.