Chapter 4

Chapter 4:Hunt of the Myriad Gods

Hunt of the Myriad Gods (無数の神の狩りをしてください, musuu no kami no kari woshitekudasai) is the fourth chapter of the Takamagahara manga series.

Front PageEdit

Yamato has his fist against the ground, with Oruha's blades around him.


Kikuchi tells Yamato that he has quite the power but does he really understand his power. Yamato ask Kikuchi who is he? and "What he did to Fukada and the others?. Kikuchi then tells Yamato that everyone has special power but not everyone knows how to us it. Kikuchi also tells him that they call these special powers Divine Gifts.

Oruha then wakes up and gets himself unstuck on the wall. He then tries to attack Yamato but Kikuchi intervence. Kikuchi places three kanji words (Change To Words) on Oruha. Oruha the turns into words, which shocks Yamato. The words are then placed on a blank book. Kikuchi then tells Yamato that he has two choices. The serve Kikuchi and hunter those who have awoken their Divine Gifts or to be huntered by him. Yamato tells him that he refuses neither chooses. Kikuchi then tells him his hobby and if Yamato would like to join it. Yamato then tries to move but can't. Kikuchi tells him that their is no third option and shows him the depth of his power. Yamato outfit then changes and is told that its a gift. Yamato the becomes enraged and tells him that is not going to join him. Kikuchi then asks if Yamato would like to make a bet with him.

Elsewhere, a mysterious person had drained a woman of blood. He changes back into a normal person and wonders what is his power.