Inaba (稲葉, Inaba) is a classmate of Yamato's. He is also his mentor in drawing manga and even has contacts in the industry.


Inaba is a small person with a round head. He has short light colored hair. He alos has thin eyebrows, a small nose, and dark colored eyes. Inaba wears his school uniform which consists of a white tucked in button down shirt and dark pants.


Inaba is a kind and calm person. He is also willing to help out Yamada when he needs to finish his manga. He even apologizes when they doesn't make it in time.


Inaba once became one of the finalist in the monthly prize.


Introduction ArcEdit

Inaba first appears when he walked into the classroom and is greeted by Yamato. He then tells Yamato that the deadline in tonight and if he is done with his manga. When Yamato starts to freak, Inaba tell him that he will help him out to make the deadline. After school. Inaba follows Yamato to his home. When they get their, Musashi ask him if he would join them for some Yakiniku, but tell him that he can't. When they start working, he is shocked when Yamato puts the pen through the paper and the table. Later while they are working, one of Fukada's follower shows up wounded. When he tell them that Yamato needs to help them, Inaba tells Yamato that if he leaves now he won't make the deadline. He is then shocked to when Yamato is enraged. Later when they don't make the deadline, Inaba apologizes to him.


Inaba appears to have no combat abilities, but it a great mangaka and can even become one of the finalist for the monthly prize.


  • Inaba is one of the four character who only has one name the other being Kikuchi, Kumaso, and Kaneda