Kikuchi (菊池, Kikuchi) is a member of Takamagahara. His job is to hunt those who have awoken their Divine Gifts. He is also the substitute teacher for Yamato's class.


Kikuchi is an average height adult, with short white hair that is combed to the side and wears square framed glasses. He usually wears a a treanch coat with light colored pants. He also wears a belt that holds two books, A kanji dictionary and a blank one.

As a teacher, his hair is combed down and he wears a regular suit.


Kikuchi is a calm and serious person. He is also willing to force someone to work for him, as he did to Yamato. He is also willing to change a dangerous person into words and add them to his collection.


Introduction ArcEdit

Kikuchi is shown in the beginning talking with reader explaining that special powers exist. He explains that everyone has a power but not everyone knows what their power is. He then points to the reader and ask what is his power. Later he appears at the shrine where Yamato was preying. He tells someone on his cell phone that he is in Takachiho and be is beginning his search for those who have awakened their powers.

The next day, he is appears in Yamato's class telling them that he is their substitute teacher. He then tells the class that everyone has a special power but noone is paying attention. After class, Kikuchi watches Yamato's and Fukada's fight. He then notices that Yamato has awokened his Divine Gift.

Then next day, Kikuchi tells an people that Yamato has awoken his power but they don't know what is his power. Later he sneaks up on Yamato and ask if he is alright. Yamato tells him that its none of his concern. Later that day after Yamato's fight with Oruha, he causes Fukada and his follower to sleep by placing the kanji for sleep on them. He then reintroduces himself to Yamato and tell him that he is from Takamagahara. He then proceeds to explain to Yamato that everyone has a special power and that they call the power Divine GIft. When Oruha wakes up and tries to attack Yamato, Kikuchi intervences. He turns Oruha into a words and places them in a blank book. He the telsl Yamato that he has two choices, join him or be hunted by him. When Yamato chooses neither, he show him his power and forces him to work with him. When Yamato still refuses, He makes a bet with Yamato. The next day, Kikuchi arrives at the hospital (with two men) where Yamato and Hitoshi are fighting.

Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

After the fight, he describes Yamato and asks Izumo and Kumaso, if Yamato is a man worthy of living in the age of myth. When Izumo says that Yamato is interesting, Kikuchi says that Yamato gets nervous around women. Later that day, Kikuchi appears behind Yamato and asks if he has figures out his Divine Gift. When asks what his Divine Gift is, Kikuchi tells him that only Yamato can answer that. Kikuchi the tells Yamato that he is taking him to Takamagahara, and that the Age of Myth is coming. Then when Yamato asks what the Age of Myth is, Kikuchi tells him that its when those with Divine Gifts rule and that Divine Gift users are incresing in Japan. Kikuchi then brings Yamato to takamagahara. He then introduces Izumo and Kumaso to Yamato. When Yamato asks where and what Takamagahara is, Kikuchi tells him that its behind him and that its an academy where Divine Gift users can gather.

Kikuchi tells Yamato to not be surprised until he sees the inside. He along with the rest then start to walk to takamagahara. When they reach another torii, Kikuchi explain to Yamato that he will need a Student ID and that he will need to pass an entrance exam. He also explains that his entrance exam is to score a point against either Izumo or Kumaso. When Kumaso volunteers, they all head through the torii to where Kumaso and Yamato will be fighting. He and Izumo then watch the fight between Yamato and Kumaso. When Izumo asks him if Yamato could beat Kumaso. Kikuchi responds by saying I wonder. He then tells Izumo how Kumaso earned the nickname Yatagarasu. When Yamato punches the rock away from Kumaso, Kikuchi stops Kumaso from trying to cut Yamato. When Kumaso then asks why he stopped, Kikuchi tells him to look down. Kikuchi then tosses Yamato a Student ID.

After the fight, Kikuchi and the rest continue to Takamagahara. When Yamato and Kumaso get into an argument, Kikuchi does nothing. After reaching the entrence gate, Kikuchi reveals that their are 12 gate each modeled after the zodiac with lion bodies. He also telsl them that this gate is the Lion-Hares. After entering, Kikuchi tells them that they can wear whatever they want as long as its based on a gakuran or a sailor suit. When Yamato sees a wild dog, Kikuchi tells him that their are a lot of wild animals including wild deers and wild bears. He also tells them to not trust their eyes and not to stick their necks out if they don't want to die. He then leads them to the Takeru School that he runs. When some guy takes a host, Kikuchi tells Yamato that a teacher can't interfer with a student affair. When Izumo handles the issue, Kikuchi tells a little about Izumo to Yamato. When the issue is settled, Kikuchi reveals that he knew what the guys ability was all along. He also says that a teacher can't reveal what another student's ability is. When the reveals to them that they are going to be a three man squad. When then bell rings, Kikuchi telslthem to hurry up and starts to walk faster.

When they finally reach the school, Kikuchi says that this is the school he is entrusted with. Yamato then asks him if Kikuchi is the principal but kikuchi says that their is only one principal in Takamagahara and that is Izanagi. He then tells then that teachers, gather student from earth then enroll them into the schools they have been entrusted with. He then heads inside followed by the rest. When they get inside, they see two guys fighting (One a guy who can turn into a were komodo dragon and a guy with a sword). Yamato is amazed but Kikuchi tells him that its nothing special and that all the students their have awoken their Divine Gifts.He also says that he has chossen to gather the strongest of those who have awoken to their Divine Gifts. The guys then stop fighting when they see Kikuchi, which Yamato says that his students like him. Kikuchi then says that since he has only brought the stronges their, the school has now become lawless. He then says stopping the fighting would be a hassle for him and that the guys first lesson is to shut down the school which shocks them. Yamato then yells at him but Kikuchi says that disobediences is strictly forbiudden at Takamagahara and he has to obey. He then telsl Yamato that the only way to get stronger is to fight. He also tells them that those who have enroll at Takamagahara can't return home and that the only way for them to do so is become the elite's of their school, the Chouran. He then tells them to find and defeat the chouran of their school. He also tells them their calss number and that he will be in the teacher's office.

While in his office, he is playing chess while says that the ones who attacked Yamato, Kumaso, and Izumo are all direct attackers and that they shouldn't have a problem with them. He then wonders how they will deal with their leader who is an indirect type. He also says one can't reach the top in Takamagahara with sheer strength alone, they will need some strategically in their battles. Later after Yamato beats Taiju, He tells them that it wasn't going to that easy to conquer the school.


It is currently unknown what kind of skills what Kikuchi has but he was able to awake his Divine Gift.

Divine GiftEdit

Change To WordsEdit

Kikuchi can place kanji words on a person and cause them to do what the kanji mean. For example, by placing the kanji sleep on a person they will fall asleep. He can also change a person into words and place them into a blank book by placing that kanji's for Change To Words on them.

Trivia Edit

  • Kikuchi is the first character to appear in the series.
  • Kikuchi is one of the four character who only has one name the other being Kumaso, Inaba, and Kaneda