Chapter 3

Chapter 3:Kikuchi

Kikuchi (菊池, Kikuchi) is the third chapter of the Takamagahara manga series.

Front PageEdit

Yamato is standing over Oruha, who has a smile on his face.


The guy is smiling on the ground (after being punches by Yamato). Suddenly Yamato's bandage rips apart. The guy then raises himself by with blades coming out from his back. He then asks Yamato if he is going to bully him which surprises Yamato. The then asks if Yamato is a friend and boss to the guy he shredded. Yamato tells him that he is not their friend or their boss. The guy then apologizes and tells Yamato the his name is Oruha Shouta, while extending his hand. Oruha then tries to slash Yamato but Fukada jumps in and takes the slash. Fukada then worns Yamato that Oruha hides large swords in his sleeves. Oruha the laughs at them and calls them garbage. Yamato then calls him a bastard and warps the ripped bandages around both hands. Yamato then prepares to fight him saying that he is gone for but Oruha laughs. Elsewhere Yamato's brothers are how Yamato is at home drawing manga instead of being with them. One then tells them that Yamato maybe fighting behind their backs like he did when he was younger.

Back at the fight, Oruha tries to slash Yamato but fails. Yamato notices that Oruha doesn't know how to use the sword that he is using. Yamato then gets behind Oruha but he counters by unleashing blades out of his back. Oruha then congraulates Yamato for doing well again his power. Yamato then wonders if he is human. He then wonders if his power is the same as his. Oruha then tells Yamato the within his body are a countless number of blades which he can use to combine them and create a large sword. Oruha then tells him that he calls it The Blade of the Unchained. Yamato then realize how Oruha cut his fist when he punched him. Oruha then tells him that he got his power when he was picked on by a yankee and a blade suddenly came out from his arm. He continues to says that he will now track down those who picked on him and tears their bodies to shreds. Yamato thinks where his blind spot is. Oruha then unleashes every blade in his body and tells Yamato that he has no blind spot. Yamato then starts to hit all the blades on the front of Oruha's body off of him. Oruha then tell Yamato that he won't bully anyone anymore but Yamato tells him that he won't and punches him in the gut. Oruha is then sent flying onto a wall which he gets stunk on. Yamato then falls down, which Fukada rushes to him. Someone then puts Fukada and his follower to sleep. Yamato then notices that its Kikuchi. Kikuchi then undoes his disguise and tells him he shouldn't be surprised and that everyone has a special power. He then reintroduces himself and tellshim that he is from Takamagahara and to bring him in. Yamato then wonders what is going on.