Komodo (コモド, Komodo) is a student at Takamagahara. He attends the Takeru School.


Komodo is a a tall student with a large build. He has short black hair. He also has a square jaw frame. He has thin eyebrows, bags under his eyes and a wide nose. He wears an open dark gakeran with a white shirt undernearth the jacket and wears dark pants.

When he uses his transformation he grows a bit taller and changes his features into an humanoid Komodo dragon.


Komodo has a angry personality. He is willing to get into a fight just because someone bumps into his shoulder. Despite that he can be easily scared of people who are stronger than him.


Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

When Kikuchi returned to Takeru School, Komodo bumps into another student's shoulder and got into an argument. He then transforms into a Werekomodo dragon and tells him that he is going to chew his bones. They then start to fight, until they notice Kikuchi and decides to quit the fight and leave. He rushes to his classroom, telling his classmates that Kikuchi has returned and that kikuchi brought three new students. After Taiju gave them the order, Komodo and the other classmates starts to assault the three's class. Komodo then transform and attack Izumo with his tail. Izumo then knocks Komodo unconscious with a bullet.


Divine GiftEdit

Unnamed Divine GiftEdit

Komodo is able to turn into a large Werekomodo dragon. He can also partial transform, just like growing only a reptilian tail.