Momochii (もち, Mochi) is a squirrel. He is the partner to Izumo and seems to be contected to Izumo's Divine Gift.



Momochii is a small squirrel with dark color fur on his head and back and with light on his stomach. He also has the yin-yang symbal on his back. He has small ears and big black eyes. He also has small claws.


Momochii has a habit of sitting on Izumo's shoulders and even says Mo when he speaks.


Introduction ArcEdit

Momochii first appeared on Izumo's shoulder watching Yamato fight Hitoshi.

Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

After Yamato's fight, Izumo calls Yamato an interesting guy which Momochii agrees with him. He then hangs onto Izumo, when Izumo rushes forward. Momochii doesn't go with Izumo to Takamagahara but he is mentioned to Yamato by Izumo.