Musashi Yamada

Musashi (武蔵, Musashi)also known as the Master Fist. He is the oldest of the five Yamada Brothers. He is also a MMA fighter. He is also partically responiable for Yamato wanting to be a manga drawer.


Musashi is a tall adult with a musclier built. He has a spikey afro that covers his left eye most of the time. He also has thick eyebrows. Musashi usually wear sweat pants and no shirt. When he goes out he wears a T-shirt MMA on it.

When he was younger, he has the same features as he does know but with a less musclier built.


Musashi is a calm person. He desires to fight the MMA champion. He cares that he and his brothers get stronger. He also deeply cares about his brothers and even has Yamato promise to be the best manga drawer their is.


When Yamato was a baby, Musashi had him sleep on a jump instead of a crib. He also read him jump instead lullabies all in order to make Yamato the strongest. Years later, Yamato tells him that he could beat a monster. Musashi tells him that he could if the monster has a brain, then he could put him in a chokehold and cut off the blood flow to the head or knock him out with a hard enough punch to the head.


Introduction ArcEdit

Musashi introduces his family and their goal to be the strongest. He and his family then begin their morning assembly of punching a punching bag and saying what they have accompliced. He then hears a noise and notices that its from Yamato. He asks him what he's doing and Yamato tells him he is drawing manga. Musashi then puts him into a choke hold and explains what their family teachings. He then asks what why he is drawing manga. When Yamato tells him, Musashi and the other brother say that he is the delinquent of the family. Yamato then tell them to read his manga which they do. After reading it, Musashi and the others thinks that its poops. WHen Yamato says that he will have other people read it, Musashi tells him that they will die. He then tells Yamato that his right was made for fight which Yamato declines. Musashi then thinks how could Yamato be like this and thinks when Yamato was a baby and what he did for him.

Later on, Musashi and his brothers are watching one of his fights whilke eating. After eating, Musashi and three of his brothers exercise. he then tries to get Yamato to join in but he declines. Later on, when Yamato is that a break Musashi brings him a snack. He and Yamato then start to talk which Yamato tells him why he whats to draw manga. Musashi the make him promise to dominate it with his fists which Yamato agrees to. Musashi then notices to others brothers and sasy taht they had the same idea.

The next day after Yamato comes home from school. Musashi tells them that they are going out to eat yakinuki. He then asks Inaba to join but Yamato tells him that he's their to help him. He and the others then head out to eat. After eating, Musashi and his brother head to sing karaoke. While their they talk about Yamato. One of them suggests the Yamato is fighting someone like he did when he was eight.

Then next morning, Musashi is juggling a punching bag by punching it. When Yamato start to panic, Musashi says that he is debting whether th follow the path of a manga-ka or the path of a warrior. Then oneof the brothers suggests of reopening the dojo. Musashi says that they make enough money with his MMA but he declines this. He then hears some one wanting to fight. He then notices that its Mizuho and greets her. When Yamato and Mizuho start to argue, Musashi says that they are close. He then warns Mizuho that their is a blood thirty guy like him attacking girl and to be careful. When Mizuho says that she will kick their ass, He along with his brother says that its impossible.


Musashi is a incrediabley strong person. He is also a skilled MMA fighter and hasn't been defeated in the ring.