Oruha Shouta

Oruha Shouta (翔, Oruha Shouta) is a person who has awakened their Divine Gift. He is a student who was regularly bullied and used his divine gift to get back at the bullies.


Oruha is a average height, with short black hair that is brushed back. He has plain eyes, with eyebrows in an arch. He wears a white school uniform, which consists of a dark tucked-in shirt, a white jacket, his school's crest symbol on the left side of the jacket and white jeans.


Oruha was once a student bullied by many people. Once his Divine Gift awoken, he started using it to exact revenge and bully others. He is very wimpy and when things get bad for him, he starts begging for mercy. He also believes that his power is given to him in order to remove all bullies.


Oruha was a student who was bullied a lot. Even the day before he faced Yamato, he was bullied by a yankee. But suddenly his Divine Gift was awoken and it pierced the Yankee. He then decide to track down all that have bullied him or even look like bullies and tear them to shreds.


Introduction ArcEdit

Oruha was mentioned during the meeting between Kikuchi and a group of people. They discuss that he is in the same area, Takachiho Heights as Yamato and is very dangerous. He later appears infront of Fukada and his followers, asking them if they intend to bully him. When questioned, Oruha starts ranting on how he was bullied. He then starts to attack them with a blade. After defeating Fukada's followers, he tells Fukada on what he plans to do with his power. He then produces a blade from his palm and tells Fukada that he will slaughter all the people like him. He is then punched and sent flying to the ground.

Oruha then pushes himself up by creating blades from his back. He then asks if Yamato plans to bully him. He asks if Yamato is their friend but he denies it. Oruha then apologizes and introduces himself while extending his hand. He then tries to slash Yamato but Fukada jumps in to protect Yamato. Oruha then laughs at him and his followers calling them garbage. Seeing Fukuda insulted, Yamato is angered but Oruha starts smirking. Oruha then tries to slash him but Yamato dodges his attacks. When Yamato gets behind him, Oruha creates blade from his back and attacks him. Oruha then compliments him for doing well against his power. He then explains his power and tells its name. He also explains how he how he got his power and what he plans to do with it. He then shows Yamato the their is no blinds spot by producing every blade form his body. Yamato then proceeds to punch every blade on Oruha's torso until they are all destroyed. Oruha, seeing himself in trouble tries to apologizes and tells him that he would never bully anyone which Yamato assures by punching him in the gut. Oruha is sent flying and gets stuck on the wall with the blades at his back.

While Yamato and Kikuchi are talking, Oruha suddenly walks up and retracing his blades. He then tries to attacks Yamato but Kikuchi intervences by placing three kanjis on him that read change to words. Oruha then turns into words and placed in a blank book that Kikuchi is holding.


Oruha was a weak person before his Divine Gift awoken. Even after his gift was awoken, he totally relied on his gift but his skill in using it was weak.

Divine GiftEdit

The Blade of the UnchainedEdit

Oruha's body contains a countless number of small rectangular blades layered around his internal physiological structure. He can combine them and form swords that are even larger than his body. He can also bring out the blades from anywhere on his body.

He usually brings out blades from his hands to make a sword and attack. For his defense, he creates blades all over his body to prevent being hit. These blades are very sharp and are capable of piercing stone walls.

What gives away the use of his power is that it's accomodated by the clicking noise made each and every time when he he exstends his blades. Similar to the function of a typical boxcutter. 


  • Oruha is the first person to name their Divine Gift.