Shinao Yamada (信濃山田, Shinao Yamada) is the second oldest of the Yamada Brother. He is a university student and the one in charge of the family budget.

Sinao Yamada


Shinao is a averge hieght adult with slick back hair and side-burns. He wears a black long-sleeved shirt and black pants with three white lines going down the sides. He also wears a necklace.


Shinao is a calm person that follows his family's teachings. He also wants to reopen their dojo so that they can make a little more money. He believes that all fights can't be won with just brute force, but one should use their brain to find opponent's weakness.


Shinao had once told Yamato to fight with his head and not with his fists. He also told him to gather information on his opponent then figure out a way to defeat them. When Yamato was interested, Shinao tells him that it maybe a useful tool when working with manga. Later Shinao helped out his university's karate and wrestling clubs and even won a Martial Arts Tournament.


Introduction ArcEdit

Shinao is introduced by Musashi along with the rest of his family. He then begin their morning assembly by punching a punching bag and saying what they have accompliced. He then turns around and looks at Yamato, when he was drawing his manga. He then wonders why Yamato has strayed fr om the right path. Yamato tells him and his brothers to read his manga and he does. He and with his brothers think that it sucks. When Yamato says that he will have his friends read it, Shinao along with the others tell him that his froends would die if they read it. When Musashi wonder how Yamato turns out like this and remember what he did for him, Shinao tells him that what he did might be the cause.

Later that day, Shinao is eat dinner with his brothers while watching one of Musashi's fights. After eating, Shinao comments on how Yamato ate the most. He and his brother (except Yamato) then preform a training exercise. Later that night, is asleep along with Hyuuga and Mutsu. After Musashi and Yamato's talk, Shinao, Hyuuga snd Mutsu are noticed by Musashi that they are awake and that they had the same idea as Musashi.

Then next day after Yamato returns from school, He alond with Musashi, Hyuuga, and Mutsu head out to eat Yakiniku. After eating, he along with his brothers head to karaoke. While Musashi and Hyuuga are commenting on how Yamato is drawing his manga, Shinao tells them that he might be fighting like he did when he was eight.

The next day, Shinao is watching Musashi juggle a punching bag by punching it. When Yamato starts to act weird, Shinao and his brothers wonder whats wrong with him. Shinao then changes the subject to reopening the dojo and earning a little bit more money. When Musashi tells him that they make enough with his MMA, Shinao tells him that they need to thinks about the future and that they eat to much. Shinao then hears Mizuho saying that she wants to fight. When Mizuho tries to fight Yamato, Shinao comments on how Mizuho's punches don't do anything to Yamato. When Mizuho is warned about the guy who is killing girls and the she will kick his ass, Shinao along with his brothers says that its impossible.

Abilites Edit

Shinao has a lot of strength as he was able to win a Martial Arts Tournament that allowed amateurs.