Takamagahara (高天原, Takamagahara) is an academy that consists of myraid of school buildings that entrusted by certain teachers. This academy is where those who have awoken to their Divine Gifts can gather. Even though this is a training ground for ones who have awoken their Divine Gifts, it's also a prison to confine people that are too powerfull to roam around in the mundane world.


The students of Takamagahara are permitted to wear whatever they want as long as it's based on either a gakuran or a sailor suit. However Takamagahara also has special uniforms that only the ones who climbed to the top, may wear them, Takamagahara's elite: the Chouran.



Takamagahara is mountain full of school buildings, with large trees. It has a giant rope that surrounds the middle of the mountian, with three large komainu on the mountain. Surrounding mountain are a large number of Toriis that can be used to travel from Torii to another Torii in the world. Wild animals like dogs, bears and deers roam around in Takamagahara.


Takamagahara has twelve gates, each of them is guarded by an large animal from the Chinese Zodiac crossed with a lion, from Lion-Rats to Lion-Boars. The guardians resemble statues that are able to move To enter the gates you need to have an ID card of Takamagahara, which should be acknowledged by the guardians to enter the school.


The Students attending Takamagahara all have their Diving Gifts awakened. Even they might look like fragile persons to the eyes, Takamagahara is the place where a nerd can beat up a bully and a young girl can send a large person flying. The students are obliged to listen and obey every order by the teachers, in order to survive. Students that enroll in Takamagahara cannot freely return to home, however if the student climbs to the top they are permitted to wear of the uniform's of Takagahamara's elite, the Chouran, the ones who wear them are permitted to return to their homes freely.


The staff of the school are for the students to understand and control their diving gifts. However as the rules applied that the teachers aren't allowed to interfere with the affairs of the students, they are also not allowed to reveal the Divine Gift of someone else. Even though there are different school there is one principal in all of Takamagahara.