The Three Students of the Takeru School

Chapter 11: The Three Students of teh Takeru School

The Three Students of the Takeru School (タケル学校生名, takeru gakkousei mei) is the eleventh chapter of the Takamagahara Series.

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Yamato, Kumaso, and Kumaso all standing infront of the Takeru School.


Yamato and the other three reach the Takeru School. Yamato says that it looks more like a prison then a school. Kikuchi tells them that this is the school that he is in charge of. Yamato asks if he is the principal but Kikuchi says that there is one principal in Takamagahara and that is Izanagi. Kikuchi also tells them that teachers gather students from then enroll them in the school that were entrusted to them and that every student in the school he has found and brought their. they then head inside the School

When the get inside, two guy get into a fight. One of the turns ito a komodo dragon hybrid and the other pulls out a sword with a jagged edge and spins the jagged edge like a saw. Yamato looks amazed saying that the fight is like the ones you see in a movie. Kikuchi tells him that its not really a surprise and that all the students their have awoken their Divine Gifts. He also reveals that he has gathered the strongest of those who have awoken their Divine Gifts.

The two then notice Kikuchi and leave. Yamato notices that the students don't like him. Kikuchi then reveals that they don't have class disruption but class destruction. Yamato then asks what he means. Kikuchi then reveals that the school has become lawless and that its to much to handle himself. the then tells three that their first lessen is to shut down the school which shocks them. Yamato then asks why which Kikuchi tells them he has ordered it so they have to do it. Yamato then gets mad but Kumaso and Izumo calls him down. Kikuchi then tells them they need to fight in order to understand their Divine GIfts. Kikuchi also reveals that Takamagahara is not only a school but a prison for those who are two powerful to stay in the mundane world. He also tells them that they can't leave Takamagahara unless they become the elite their school, the Chourin. He also tells them to obtain the chourin and become the elite of their school. Kikuchi then tells them that their classroom is 1-3 and that he will be in the teacher's office.

In a classroom, the guy who can turn into a lizard, revealed to be named Komodo, rush in. he tells his classmates that Kikuchi has returned and that he brought three new students. The students then ask Taiji on what to do but can't unstand him. They then tell Emisee to translate what Taiji says. Emisee then translates saying for them to go say hello.

In Yamato's class, they notice that they are the only ones in the class. Yamato then wonders why Kikuchi told them to shut down to school, which Izumo asks if Yamato wanted to master his DIvine GIft and return home. Yamato then asks if Izumo wants to master his Divine Gift which Izumo reveals that he is looking for someone. Yamato then asks Kumaso, which Kumaso tells him that he won't stop train now. The other student arrive and rushes to beat them.