Chapter 8

Chapter 8: To Takamagahara

To Takamagahara (高天原に, Takamagaharani)is the eighth chapter of the Takamagahara manga series.

Front PageEdit

Izumo and Kumaso are standing next to each other.


Kikuchi talks about about what type of a person Yamato is. He then asks the two behind him (Izumo and Kumaso), if Yamato is a man worthy of living in the ageof myth. Izumo says that he is an interesting guy. Kikuchi tells him that Yamato gets nervous around girls, but Izumo tells him that its a plus in his book. Kumaso says that he is just a myraid god who has awakened his Divine Gift and if he can't he used as a hunter then he will cut him down.

Later at a temple, Yamato is punching the mountain behind it. He realizes that his left hand has it to. he wonders what is his Divine Gift and if it allow his to store up his power. Kikuchi then appears behind Yamato and asks if has figures out what his Divine gift is. Yamato then asks what is his Divine Gift. Kikuchi tells him that only Yamato can answer that question since its his Divine GIft.

Yamato then asks why he called him their. Kikuchi says that he is going to take him to Takamagahara. Yamato then ask what is it, which Kiuchi tells him that its a place where Divine Gift users can gather. Yamato tells him that he is not going but is then restrained. kikuchi tells him that he embedded a word spell into those clothes which will restrain him if Yamato chooses to disobey him.

Yamato then tells him that its not like he has to go. Kikuchi agrees but then tells him about age of myth. Yamato wonders what he means. Kikuchi tells him that its where those who have awoken thier Divine Gifts have ruled. He continues to says that the number of people who have awoken their gift is increasing. astronomically and that the age of myth is coming. Yamato asks if he believe that . Kikuchi tells him that Yamato has already learned first hand to what happened to to those who are swallowed up in the fate of awakening their gifts. The restrains are then undone and kikuchi tells him that if he wants to protect his life and loved ones then come to Takamagahara and learn the nature of his Divine Gift. Yamato then grabs Kikuchi shoulder and enters thegate with him.

Once their, Yamato notices all the Toriis. Kikuchi tells him that its the base of Takamagahara. Yamato tries to pass through the gate but nothing happens. Kikuchi tells him that only those with permission can neither pass through it. Someone then yells at them for being late. Yamato then notices Kumaso and Izumo. Izumo introduces himself and tries to get close to him. Kumaso sword (kokahaku) tells Yamato that they don't need that kind of relationship and to get his ass to Takamagahara. Kumaso tells Kokahaku to be quiet and hit him into the ground. Yamato is shocked that the sword can talk. Kikuchi then introduces them as new students of Takamagahara. Yamato then asks where is it and Kikuchi tells him that its behind him. Yamato is shocked at how big it is and asks what is it. Kikuchi tells him that is an academy for people who have awakened their Divine Gifts.