Unnamed Takamagahara student

Unnamed Takamagahara Student

This Unnamed student is a student at Takamagahara. He made a scene during Yamato's first day at Takamagahara.


This student is a tall skinny teenager. He has small black hair, no eyebrows, and thin cheeks. He also has veins veins on his temples, wrinkles ubove his nose and snadbags under his eyes. He wears a black open jacket with no shirt under neath, and pants.


This student doesn't like it in Takamagahara and wants to go home. He is even willing to take a hostage. He also wants soeone to care about a guy like him.


Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

This student first appear when he takes a hostage and demanding to be let out of Takamagahara. He then demands that someone brings him food. When Izumo brings him his food, He then Kumaso and Yamato to stay back. He then orders Izumo to stripe but tells him to stop when Izumo is about to take offhis underwear. When Izumo gives him then food, He orders the hostage to feed him. Izumo then shoots him in the chest. When the girl disappears, He reveals his ability to creates people and even asks for soemone to care about him.


Divine GiftEdit


This student is able to create people by his side. The people will disappear if they go far away from him.