Yakumo Izumo

Yakumo Izumo (八雲出雲, Yakumo Izumo) is a person who has awakened his Divine Gift and a new student at Takamagahara. He also has two pet squirrel one named Momochii and the other named Sazabii. It turns out that the reason that he entered Takamagahara is to find a certain person.


Izumo is an average height teenager. He has a dark pompadour hair-style. He also wear thick rim glasses. He wears a long-sleeved white button shirt, with the top-half unbuttoned and the left side of the shirt is tucked in his dark pants and wears dark shoes.


Izumo is a friendly guy and has somewhat laid back personality, as he is shown to be very calm when he tried to compose a guy who was trying to "kill" a girl and even gave him beverage. He also doesn't seem to be ashamed to be shown in his underwear.


When Izumo starts to work for Kikuchi, he had already hunted a dozen of the myraid gods.


Introduction ArcEdit

Izumo first appeared with Kikuchi and Kumaso as they watch Yamato fights Hitoshi.

Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

When Kikuchi asks if Yamato is a man worthy of living in the Age of Myth.Izumo says that he is interesting and even asks his squirral Momochii. When Kikuchi tells him that Yamato gets nervous around other girls. Izumo just says that its another plus in his book.

Later when Kikuchi brings Yamato to Takamagahara, Izumo tries to makes friends with Yamato right away. Kikuchi then introduces him and Kumaso to Yamato. Izumo and the rest start to walk to takamagahara. During the walk, he tells Yamato its his and kumaso's first time going their too. He also tells him that he heard that its easy to get in but hard to get out and impossible to make it back home safe. He also tells him that he and Yamato will definitely making it back together. When Kikuchi tells Yamato that he has to choose to fight either Izumo or Kumaso for his entrance exam. Izumo wants Yamato to choose him but Kumaso steps forward. They then enter a torii, to a shrine where Kumaso and Yamato will fight. Izumo and Kikuchi then watch as Kumaso and Yamato fight. Izumo then asks Kikuchi if Yamato can beat kumaso. Kikuchi tells him that he wonders and how Kumaso earned the nickname Yatagarasu. Izumo then watch as Yamato wins the fight by punching the rock away from Kumaso.

After the fight, Izumo continues to Takamagahara with the rest. He then talks to Yamato about how he scored the point and asks what his Divine Gift's name and ability is. Yamato then asks if abilities have names which he replies yes to. Izumo then tells Yamato what his abilities name is. Kumaso then interupts and starts an arguement with Yamato, which Izumo tries to stop. After reaching then entrance, they enter Takamagahara. After entering, Izumo notices some wild animals and pets a wild bear and deer. Kikuchi then informs them of some stuff. Kikuchi then leads them to Takeru School which Kikuchi runs. When Yamato notices some guy take a hostage, Izumo stops Yamato and takes careof it himself.

He then enters the building the guy is in. The guy then orders Izumo to stripe which izumo does but stops athis underwear. He then gives the guy the food that he wanted. He then notices an opening and snaps his fingers. A squirrel then flies to his hand. He then turns the squirrel into a gun. He then fires at the guy which he shoots through a knive. He then asks the hostage if she is okay but she disappears. The guy then reveals that he created the girl with hsi ability. Yamato then congradulate him but Izumo reveals that its only the tip of the iceberg. Then the introduces his squirrel Sazabii to Yamato. He is then shocked when Kikuchi reveals they are going to be a three man squad. When then bell rings Kikuchi leads then to his school.

Izumo then finally reaches the school with the rest, they head inside. After getting inside, he sees two guys fighting (One that can turn into a were komodo dragon and a guy with a sword). Izumo then laughs when Yamato says that its just like a fight in a movie. After the guys stop fighting, Izumo is shocked when Kikuchi tells them to shut down the school. When Yamato yells at kikuchi, Izumo tells him to stop or the restraints will activate. Izumo then heads to his classroom after Kikuchi is finished talking to them. When Yamato complcins in the classroom, Izumo asks if he what to master his Divine Gift. When Yamato asks the same question, Izumo tells him that he is looking for a certain person.

When the others students come to say hello, Izumo along with Yamato and Kumaso get up a prepare to fight. He is then shocked when how many of them their are. He then attack by Komodo which he dodges and knocks him out with a bullet. When the group regroups, Izumo is attacked by a guy weilding two large bowling balls. Izumo then tells Yamato and Kumaso that they need to work together, which they then fight back to back. Izumo then takes out Kumaso opponent. When the gang retreats, Izumo stays in the classroom. He then asks what they are going to do. When Yaamto and Kumaso gets into an argumant, izumo stops them by saying that they still ahve to work together. He then leaves with them as they head out of the classroom.

While walking in the hallway with Yamato and Izumo, he comes across Emishi. Emishi ask if they are the team that defeated the delinquents, which he aks who he is. He then follows Emishi to go get coffee. He listens as Emishi talks about how some Divine Gifts are not useful in battle or daily life, and what his Divine GIft is. He then tells Emishi that the most important part is how you uses your skill. Then when Emishi asks what kind of games Izumo likes to play, He reveals that he like to play shooting games. When Emishi wants to increase his confidence, Izumo volunteers to let him punch him. When Emishi punches him, Izumo jumps back to help him. He then gets up and asks what their boss is like. After listening, he heads to wear the boss is. After getting to the class, Yamato tells him to sit back and let him fight him. When the delinquents tells them that will shave their heads, He tells Yamato to not lose against Taiju. During the fight, he tells Yamato to relax and get ahold of himself. When Yamato backs off, He asks if Yamato is even listening to their advice.

He then wonders what Yamato is trying to tell them, Which Kumaso tell him that their is no sound from where Yamato and Taiju is. He then rushes to Yamato's side after he wins the fight. He is then taken control of by Emishi and fire bullets at Yamato and Kumaso. When the bullets run out, he explains his ability to Emishi. He is then shocked when Emishi explains that they don't have the chouran but the 4 boss of Takeru School do.


Divine GiftEdit


Izumo is capable of turning a squirrel into a gun. The bullets that he fires are made from the blood of the animal. The gun can fire a bullet that can easily pierce through a knife. He can also can the shape of the bullet so that he doesn't kill anone but knocks them out.


  • Izumo's Divine GIft is named after curved comma-shaped beads.
  • Izumo likes to play shooting games.