Yamado Yamato (Chapter)
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Yamada Yamato

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July 9, 2012


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Yamato Yamada (ヤマダヤマト, Yamada Yamato) is the first chapter of the Takamagahara manga series.

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Yamato is stand infront of a group of teeans wearing trench coats.


A mysterious person says that special abilities are not necessarily special. He continues to says that all human beings possess a special ability but since none know what ability they have, they can't use their power. He also says that the powers have been called things but they have ended up calling it them Godly Powers. A finger points forward and asks "what kind of Godly Power do you possess".

In present Japan their lives brothers seeking to get stronger. They learn techniques, train their minds and bodies following those. They are called The Five Yamada Brothers. They then start they morning assembly. Four of the five then start saying what they have done, while hitting punching bags. Musashi then notices that there is a strange sound and asks what Yamato is doing. He tells them that he is drawing manga. Musashi then tells him the teachings of their family, that they must fight with the Yamada family reputations on their backs and asks why he is drawing manga. They start to complain about him, which Yamato then shows his manga. They tell that its poop and that it can kill a person. Musashi tells him that his right arm was made in order to fight, but he tells them that his right arm was made for drawing manga. He also tells them that he will dominate everything in jump and continues to draw his jump. Musashi then wonders how this happened and also says that he used to have him sleep on a bed of jump magizines and read jump for him instead of lullabies, to make him into the strongest man. Yamato then wonders the theirs is somethings strange with his right hand, but brushes it off.

At Takachiho Heights Academy, some students try to get Yamato to join their clubs but he refuses and tells them that he wants to join the manga club. They tell him that there is no manga club. Yamato then tells them that he'll win the Tezuka prize and make a manga club. He then has them read it, which causes them to almost die. They then try to persuade him to join a sport club. Yamada then heads to PE class with his classmates. They then pass some yankees with drill-like regents. The yankees notices Yamato and are going to report it to the boss.

At PE class, they play baseball and the coach tells them that the next pitch is the last. Yamato is up to bat, his team cheers for him. Some girls pass by and cheer for the pitcher. The pitcher throws the ball but it slips out and heads for yamato's head. yamato steps back and hits the ball. The ball disappears and everyone wonders what happened to it. The bat then shatters and a hole in the fence is seen. At the end of school, Yamato leaves declining heading to the arcade with his friends. Yamato then heads to the Shinto Shrine, praying to win the Tezuka prize. He then checks his fortune and draws the worst luck and gets angry. He then thinks that his life will change and trips over a ripped baseball, he wonders if that was the baseball he hitted, but neglects it and leaves the shrine. A unknown person appears and reports saying that he is starting his investigating of those who have awaken the blood of the gods.

The Yamada brothers are eating while they watch Musashi win a fight. After eating. four of the brother then bulk-up with push ups. They try to get yamato to join in but to no avail. Later at night, Yamato is drawing his manga, he then takes a breaks on the roof. Musashi appears offering Yamato a latenight snack. They then start to have a talk. Yamato tell him why he wants to be a manga drawer. Musashi tell him to dominate it with his fist and they bump fists. Musashi then tells him that the other three also cheers him on.

The next day at school, Yamato finds a letter in his locker from Fukyakon. He thinks it's a love letter. In class, they get the substite teacher Kikuchi, who introduces himself as kikuchi. He then talks to them that people are descended from gods and that everyone has a special ability. They aren't interested and asks to know what is on the test. Yamato wonders what the person who sends him the letter looks like. At the end of school, Yamato heads straight to the roof. When he gets to the roof he meets a large man there. He then tells Yamato that his name is Fukada Kyouji and that he is going to fight him to see who is the strongest in the school. Yamato tries to get out of it but to no prevail. Fukada then attacks Yamato with multiple punches, Yamato blocks it with his left arm to secure his right arm from not being injured to continue his manga work. Fukada then starts insulting his family which causes Yamato to stop his fist. Yamato tells him that it doesn't matter what they think of him, but to not insult his family. Yamato then punches him in the face, which sends him flying to a different roof. Kikuchi who is hiding, notices that Yamato's power has awakened. In the infirmary, Yamato bandages his arm and wonders what has happened to his right hand.