Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Yamato Vs. Jin

Yamato Vs. Jin (大和仁対, Yamato Hitoshitai)is the seventh chapter of the Takamagahara manga series.

Front PageEdit

Yamato emerges from smoke wearing his Takamagahara uniform.


Yamato jumps up and punches Hitoshi. Hitoshi is push back and hits the wall. Hitoshi says that he needs more blood and notices the blood bank down the hall. Mizuho then asks Yamato why his uniform has changed into a gakuran and why his hair is spiked again. Yamato then replies that stuffhas happened and that she needs to stand back cause that fights not over yet. Yamato then notices that Hitoshi is gone.

In the Blood Bank, Hitoshi is draining all the blood. Hitoshi then return is a bigger for, which he calls The Swollen God. Mizuho then calls him a monster. Hitoshi tells her that he is not a monster but a superman. He continues to say that she is like the others and that he will give her the honor of having her blood suck by him and have her live on in him. Yamato then tells Mizuho to run but she can't. He then tells her to rest and that he will take care of him. Yamato the punches the alarm and says that its time for round 2.

A nurse then notices Hitoshi and says that she will have to seal the corridor into the B building. Yamato and Hitoshi then start fighting, which Yamato can feel the intense pressure from Hitoshi. Hitoshi then punches at Yamato but misses. Yamato notices that the hole left behind is huge and thinks that he is dead if he is hit by it. Yamato the punches Hitoshi, which he notices that hard and that its like punching a huge water pillow. He then tries launching a barrage of punches but is still doesn't work. Hitoshi then launches a barrage of punches, which Fukada and followers think that its an earthquake.

Yamato then thinks how he can beat him. He thinks back to when his brother Musashi told his about hitting an opponent in the head. Yamato then notices Mizuho behind him and takes the next hit. Hitoshi then says that after he kills Yamato, he will drinks Mizuho's blood which cause her to cry. Yamato says how dare he make Mizuho cry and black flames appear. Yamato then jumps up onto Hitoshi and delivers an uppercut to his chin. Hitoshi is then knocks unconscious and his head is stuff in the ceiling. Yamato then tells Mizuho that didn't need her murderous fist after all. Mizuho then tells him that she remembered how he saved her from a giant dog and how cool he looked. She then asks if he is listening but he is asleep.