Yamato Yamada.

Yamato Yamada (ヤマダヤマト, Yamada Yamato) is the main protagonist of the Takamagahara series. His life goal is to become a manga artist in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Appearance Edit

Enter Mizuho

Yamato full appearance (when serious and normal)

Yamato is an average-height teenager, with a dull looking expression, short black hair, which changes into a spiky hair-style when he gets into combat. He usually wears his school uniform even outside school, which consists of a tucked-in white shirt, a blue jacket, his school's crest symbol on the left side of the jacket and blue jeans.

Kikchu also gave him a school uniform of Takamagahara, which changes his clothes from a lighter color to a darker color. When he gets into combat, his clothes changes into the Takamagahara uniform.

After he discovered his unusual strength, he bandaged his right arm up to his elbows. During a fight he unwraps the bandage and wraps it aroud both his hands.

Personality Edit

Yamato greatly desires to be a mangaka. He wants to create a manga that will give a kid the same passion as him from when he first read a manga. He is also very protective of those he cares about, and willing to hurt anyone who mocks or hurt them.


When Yamato was a baby his brother had him sleep on a bed of Jump magazine instead of a crib and read him Jump instead of lullabies. Years later when Yamato was older, he read a manga that he was insteresting that there couldn't be anything as intersting as that. So he then desired to be a mangaka and make a kid who read him manga feel the same passion as he did.

Plot Edit

Introduction Arc Edit

Years later, While the Yamada Brothers were training, Yamato was working on his manga until he was interrupted by Musashi. He tells him that he prefers to become a mangaka and shows his work for the Tezuka award to his brothers. They tell him it's awful, Yamato proclaims that he will become the best mangaka and continues his work. He notices something strange with his right hand, but brushes it off. Yamato arrives at his school, where he declines the invites to several clubs and prefers to join the manga club. His classmates mentions that there isn't one and Yamato dedicates that he create one when wins the Tezuka award and shows his classmates his work. THey claim it to be awfull, which saddens Yamato and leaves with his classmates to PE class.

At PE class they are playing baseball and Yamato is the batter, in order to win they need a homerun. The pitcher Yagi throws the ball, accidently going straight to Yamato's face, but fortunately Yamato was able to hit the ball. The ball disappears and Yamato's bat breaks, which surprises him. After school, Yamato goes to the Shinto Shrine to pray to win the Tezuka award. He checks his fortune which says bad luck and that day will be the last of his ordinary days. He gets excited thinking he will be a mangaka and trips over a ripped ball. He wonders if that was the ball he hit at PE class, but finds it hard to believe. At home, Yamato eats more than usual, after eating Yamato didn't train with his brothers. At night while the Yamada brothers are sleeping, Yamato is working on his manga and goes to the rooftop for a break. In his thoughts he was suddenly approached by Musashi for a snack. He tells his brother that he won't walk the path of the strongest but promises with his brother that he will dominate with his fist and bumps fists with his brother.

The next day at school, Yamato got a letter from Fukyakon in his locker to meet at the roof after school. Yamato gets excited that he received a love letter. At class he gets a new substite teacher, but can't concentrate by his toughts of Fukyakon. After school he goes to the rooftops and meets a student with regent hair. He is schocked to know that he is Fukyakon and that he challenged him to a fight. Yamato defends his right hand to continue his manga work and brushes the attacks of Fukyakon with his left. After Fukyakon insults one of his brothers, Yamato gets angry and stops his attacks, he delivers a right punch to his face and made him fly towards the other rooftop. He is shocked as what happened and bandages his right arm.

Then next day, Yamato enters the school and Fukada and his followers run up to him. Fukada then expresses his desire to join and then starts to follow him everywhere. When Yamato tell him that he wants to be left alone to draw his manga, Fukada tells him that he wants to read it. When Yamato hears that Fukada thinks that its funny, Yamato is glad to hear it. Later in class he meets up with Inaba. Yamato and Inaba then start talking about manga and how the deadline is that night, which causes Yamato to freak. Inaba then tells him that he will help him out. After school, Yamato and Inaba head to Yamato's house. Once their Musashi asks if Inaba will join them for Yakiniku but Yamato tells him that he is their to help him. Inaba then asks if he will be able to draw with the bandages. Yamato then thinks that some great power has awakened in him so that he can be a great mangaka but just pusses the pen through the paper and table. Later while Yamato and Inaba are drawing, one of Fukada's followers shows up asking for him to save Fukada from being killed. He then becomes enraged.

Yamato then going to Fukada and punches then guy in the face. Yamato then realizes that his bandages have been cut. When the guy accuses him of being their boss, but Yamato tell him that he is not. The guy then introduces as Oruha Shouta and tries to attack Yamato. When Fukada takes the attack Yamato wraps the bandages around his hands and tells him that he is going down. Yamato then dodges Oruha's attacks and tries to get him from behind but is attacks when blades come out of Oruha's back. When Oruha starts to talk about his ability, Yamato figures out how to beat him. Yamato then starts to punch the blades off of Oruha's body. When Oruha tell him that he won't bully anyone anymore, Yamato tells him of course and punches him into the wall. Yamato then gets exhausted and collapses. When Fukada and his follows fall asleep, Yamato wonders what happened. Yamato then sees Kikuchi, who tells him that he put him to sleep, which causes Yamato to wonder what is happening.

When Kikuchi starts to talk about his job, Yamato asks what he is talking about. After hearing Kikuchi talk about how everyone has a special ability, Yamato notices that Oruha has woken up. Yamato then watches as Kikuchi turn Oruha into words and place him into a book. When Kikuchi tells him that he either join him or be placed him a book, Yamato tries to get up and attack but is to exhausted to do anything. Kikuchi then places word on Yamato, which turn his uniform to black. When Kikuchi congraduates Yamato for join him, Yamato tells him to shut up and that he is not going to join him. Kikuchi then makes a bet with Yamato that he is going to have to use his fist.

Then next day, while his brother practice, he thinks about what happened last night and then start to freak on how he missed his deadline. Yamato and his brother then notices the Mizuho has arrived when she shout that she wants to fight. When she tells Yamato that she wants to fight, he tells her no and gets back to working on his manga. When she starts to attack him, it doesn't nothing and he continues to work while she hits him. Yamto then tells her to stop tring to make herself stronger but she yells that she wants to be the strongest girl on japan. Yamato then reminds her how she lost to a third grader when she entered a tournament in middle school. When Mizuho is told that their is a kill out their, she tells then that she will take care of him with he fist but Yamato and his brother tell her that its impossible.

Later Yamato and Mizuho are walking together to the hospital. Mizuho then tells him that she has heard that he has beaten Fukada and forced Fukada and his followers to join him, which causes Yamato to yells at her. When they reach the hospital, Yamato heads to meet Fukada. He gives him some banana's which Fukada is greatful for. When Mizuho enters the room, he asks her why she is their. When she tells him that they are classmates and friends, which Yamato is shock to learn. When Mizuho is taking to long to fill a vase with water, Yamato goes to check up on her. He then meets up with Mizuho and grabs Hitoshi's arm who was holding onto Mizuho. Hitoshi then realizes then remembers that Yamato is one of the Yamada brothers and prepares to fight him. Yamato then sees and Hitoshi's arm becomes enlarges. He then takes one of Hitoshi's punches, which he notices that its heavy, and is sent flying into a wall. He then gets up and prepares to fight.

Yamato then jumps and punches Hitoshi, which pushes him back into a wall. When Mizuho asks why his uniform has changed and his hair is spikey. Yamato tells her that the fight is not over yet and to stand back. When Hitoshi return, Yamato looks worried that Hitoshi has gotten bigger. Yamato then tells Mizuho to run but she can't, which he tells her that he will take care of that monster. Yamato then dodges Hitoshi's punch, which he notices that if he gets hit then he is dead. He then starts to repeatedly punch Hitoshi but it does nothing. He then dodges Hitoshi's barrage of punches. He then wonders how to beat them, which he remembers what Musashi told him. He then stops Hitoshi's next hit instead of letting it hit Mizuho. Yamato then gets angrier when Mizuho starts to cry, which black like flames come out of his fist. He then jumps onto Hitoshi and delivers an uppercut to his chin, which knocks Hitoshi out. Yamato then falls asleep in Mizuho's lap after the fit.

Takamagahara Academy ArcEdit

Later, Yamato is punching the wall behinds a temple. He realizes that both his hands have gotten stronger, and wonders what exactly what is his Divine GIft. Kikuchi then appears behind Yamato shocking him. Yamato then asks what is his Divine Gift, but Kikuchi tells him that only Yamato can answer that. Yamato tehn asks why Kikuchi called him their, which Kikuchi tells him that he will take him to Takamagahara. Yamato also asks what Takamagahara is, which Kikuchi tells him that its a place where those who have awakened their Divine Gift can gather. Yamato then tries to leave but is restrained. Kikuchi then tells him that he embedded a word spell in his clothes that will restain him if he chooses to disobey Kikuchi. Kikuchi then tells Yamato all about The Age of Myth. Yamato then decides to help Kikuchi and head through the torii. He then tries to go through the torri but can't. He then sees Izumo and Kumaso. Izumo tries to make friends with Yamato. Yamato is then shocked when Kumaso's sword Kokuhaku spoke. Kikuchi then introduces then as new student of Takamagahara along with him. He then asks where is it, which Kikuchi tells him that its behind him. Yamato is then shocked to see how big it is. They then start walking to it. While walking, Izumo tells him what he has learned about Takamagahara and that they will make it back together. Kikuchi then tells him that he will have to take a entrance exam in get a Studetn ID and enter Takamagahara. Kikuchi also tells him that he will need to score a point against either Izumo or Kumaso. Yamato is about to choose Izumo but Kumaso steps forward. They then head through the torii.

Kumaso then tells how they will fight, Which Yamato thinks that he can easily win. Yamato then notices that Kumaso can draw shadows to his blade. He then dodges Kumaso attacks. Yamato then continues to dodges Kumaso repeated attacks. Yamato then asks Kumaso if his blade is a demonic one and if he has been swallowed up by his fate. Kumaso tells him he is make the sword talk by using ventriloquism, which makes Yamato angrier. Yamato then wonders how to beat him, which he rememders what his brother Shinao told him. Yamato then looks at the sun but Kokuhaku tells him that he is not powerless ever if the sun was to go down. Yamato the throws a tree a him and hides right behind it. Yamato then delivers a punch that puches the rock away from Kumaso and scoring him the point. Kikuchi then gives Yamato a Student ID.

After the fight, Yamato and the rest continue to Takamagahara. Yamato thinks how he can use his power with his feet not just his hands. Izumo then asks what his Divine Gift is called and what kind of ability it is. Yamato then asks if all Divine Gift's have names, which Izumo tells yes. Izumo then tells him what his Divine Gift is called. Kokuhaku then inturruptes them says that they were to one to win the fight. Yamato and Kumaso then get into an argument which Izumo tries to stop. later they then make it to the gate. Kikuchi then reveals to them that their are 12 gate basted off the zodiac and each has a lion's body. When they enter, Yamato notices that their are alot of people their. Yamato notices that their are wild dogs their, he then notices that their are other wild animals their too. Kikuchi then tells them that some stuff about Takamagahara and then guides then to a school that he runs.

Yamato then notices that someone is holding a hostage. he is then shocked that noone cares. When Kikuchi tells him to not interfere, Yamato is shocked to find out that he is not doing anything. Yamato then goes to help but Izumo stops him saying that he will do it. He then watches as Izumo tries to save the hostage. Kikuchi then tells him a little about Izumo. Yamato is then shocked when Izumo turns a squirrel into a gun. When the hostage disappeared, Kikuchi reveals that he knew what the guys ability was all along, which shocks Yamato. Yamato then tells Izumo that what he did was awesome. Kikuchi then reveals that Yamato, Izumo, and Kumaso are all going to be a three man squad. When the bell rings, they hury up to the school.

After reaching the school, Yamato comments on how it looks like a prison then a school. When Kikuchi says the he was wntrusted with the school, Yamato asks if he is the principal. Kikuchi tells him that there is only one principal in Takamagahara and that is Izanagi. After talking, Yamato along with the rest head into the school. When they get inside Yamato sees two guys fighting (one that can transform into a were komodo dragon and a guy with a sword). He says that its just like a fight from a movie but Kikuchi says that its nothing special since every one there has awaken there Divine Gift. After the guys notice Kikuchi and stop fighting, Yamato says that he is popular with the students. Yamato then listens as Kikuchi tells them that the school has become lawless and is shocked when kikuchi tells them that they have to shut down the school. Yamato then yells at Kikuchi but Kikuchi says that he has to do it. Yamato then gets angrier but izumo adn Kumaso stops him from attacking Kikuchi. Yamaot the listens to Kikuchi on why they have to shut down the school. After listening to Kikuchi, Yamato and the rest head to their classroom.

While in the classroom, Yamato complains that they have to shut down the school. Izumo then asks if he wants to master his Divine Gift and go home, which Yamato says yes to. He then assks Izumo the same but Izumo says that he is actually looking for a certain person. He then asks Kumaso the same which Kumaso says that he has a reason to train and doesn't plan on stopping now. Yamato then wonders where are the other students. When some show up he tells them that they have transferred in.

Yamato along with the reat then perpare to fight when the student tries to attack them. He is then attacked by a guy wielding two hammers which he dodges. He then complains about why their are fight them. He then remembers what his brother Hyuuga had told him and also remembers why he came to Takamagahara. He then punches the hammer guy and send him flying. When the gang regroups, he is attacked by a guy who can dislocate joints. When Izumo says that they have to work together, which they all decide to fight back to back. Yamato then stops a guy weilding two large bowling balls and punches him. When the gang retreat, Yamato stays behind. After the fight, Yamato thinks about what his ability is capable of. He then gets into an argument over what they should do next. He then leaves the class to follow the gang along with Kumaso and Izumo.

While walking in the hallway, he talks about how their is noone in the classrooms. He then talks about the how the group that attacked them was like something out of a manga. He then wonders if their is someone looks like a friggin monster around the corner. He then sees Emishi as he comes around the corner. When Emishi asks if they are the team that feated the deliquents group from his classroom, he replies that its only temporary. He then follow Emishi as they go get coffee. He then listens as Emishi tells them that their are Divine Gifts at are not useful in battle or daily life and about his Divine Gift. Emishi then asks them what kind of games that they like to play, which Yamato tells him that he likes to play fighting games. He then gives Emishi some advice on what to do. When Emishi decides to increase his confidence by punching someone, Yamato declines. When Emishi punches Izumo, he says that Emishi might not be able to defeat Mizuho. Then after hearing about Emishi's boss Taiju, he decides to go face him.

When they get to the classroom, he tells Kumaso and Izumo to sit back and let him fight him. He then engages Taiju in a battle. He then wonders what Taiju's Divine Gift is but decides to see how his Divine Dift fars. He tehn notices some sensation and wonders what it is. He then get hit rapidily by Taiju. He then back off but uses to much power and smash himself into the wall. He then gets backup but is bambarded with sounds. He then remembers what his brother Mutsu told hi once, and also remembers what Kikuchi and Emishi told him. He then figures out that he is fight Emishi too and tries to attackhim but fails. He then tries to tell Kumaso and Izumo but no sound gets out. He is then attackwith Taiju's Anechoic Chamber, Release. He then notices something with the voices. When Kumaso stops Emishi, He then prepare to punch Taiju and produces black flames. He then punches Taiju and send him out of the building. He then drops to his knees. He then listens as Emishi explains how he got his Divine Gift. He is then attacked by a Emishi controlled Izumo but Kumaso blocks the bullet. When Taiju returns and bow to him saying that they will follow him, He declines. He then asks for the chouran but Emishi tells him that they don't have it. He is the shocked when Emishi tells him the four bosses of Takeru have them.

Abilities Edit

Even though Yamato doesn't like to fight, he has incredible strength able to send someone flying several meters and crushing the ground with one punch. Though, it's unknown whether it is due to him awakening his divine gift or due to his physical abilities. He has also some durability to withstand a pack of punches from Fukyakon.

Yamato has poor manga literature skills, it's so bad that that other people can die from reading it.

Divine Gift Edit


Yamato has awakened his divine gift, though his ability is not fully understood. His ability seem to revolve around him having enhanced strength. As Yamato is put in further situations his defensive strength increases. At one situation Yamato was able to produce black flames, it's unknown what he can do with it. However after using the ehancement, he becomes heavily exhasuted. Apparently, when Yamato uses his Divine Gift clouds encircle his location which is why his Divine Gift is called "Gathering Clouds of Heaven". After gaining the chouran, Yamato is faster and able to stretch his punches by utilizing his bandages. When not in his "Takamagahara Mode", his control and strength are still impressive against normal individuals. He has been seen using his bandages as a shield.

Trivia Edit

  • Yamato likes to play fighting games.
  • Yamato's Divine GIft, Ama-no-Murakumo means Gathering Clouds of Heaven.