Yatagarasu (八咫烏, Hachi) is the ninth chapter of the Takamagahara series.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Yatagarasu

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A picture of Takamagahara where it reveals that its a mountain with a lot of buildings on it.


Yamato is shocked to see how big Takamagahara is. Kikuchi tells him to be surprised once their inside and they start to walk their. Yamato then notices the Kumaso is wearing clogs, then Izumo asks him how much did Kikuchi tell him. Izumo also tells Yamato that its his and Kumaso's first time heading their too, and that its easy to get in and hard to get out and impossible to make it home safety. Izumo aslo tells him their will make it back together, which Yamato notices that he is nicer then Kikuchi. Kikuchi then tells Yamato that in order to enter Takamagahara he will have to take an entrence exam and earn an student ID. He also tells Yamato that his entrence exam is to face either Izumo or Kumaso and score a point. Yamato is about to choose until Kumaso step forward saying that he will face Yamato. They then step through a torii to where they will be fighting.

Kumaso tells Yamato that all he has to do is knock him off the flat rock that he is on but if he cuts him then he loses. Yamato thinks that he can easily win since kumaso is using a sword and can't attack him from a distance. Kokuhaku then starts to talk while Kumaso draws him. Kumaso the draws in shadow into the blade and then launches it at Yamato but it cuts a tree. Izumo then asks if Yamato can defeat Kumaso. Kikuchi then tells him about what Kumaso did before working for Kikuchi and how he is called Yatagarasu. Yamato then asks what Kumaso's Divine GIft is but Kokuhaku tells him that what kind of idiot would reveal their ability to is enemy. Yamato then asks if Kokuhaku is a demon blade and if he has been swallowed by his fate. Kumaso tells him that he is usign ventriloquism to make the sword talk. Yamato then wonders what his DIvine GIft is and remembers what his brother Shinao told him once. Yamato then looks at the sun but Kokuhaku tells him that even if the sun went down, he won't be powerless, Which makes Yamato angrier. Yamato then notices that Kumaso is using ventriloquism to distraught him while recharging his blade. Yamato then launches a tree at him and hides in the shadow. Kumaos cut the tree giving Yamato a chance to punch. Kumaso then swing his sword but is stopped by Kikuchi. Kokuhaku then asks why he stopped him which Kikuchi tells him to look down. Kumaso then notices that Yamato has punched the flat rock from uder him. Kikuchi then gives Yamato his Student ID.