Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Yomi

Yomi (フリガナ, Furigana) is the sixteenth chapter of the Takamagahara series.

Front PageEdit

A crowd of Yomi students are walking away from the Yomi building.


Yamato thinks about his ability and how it works. He comes to the conclusion that he has to udaerstandhis power better. Kikuchi then tells Yamato about how even when people awaken their Divine Gifts, they still lose it after growing up. Kikuchi then tells Yamato that he has given Yamato's gift the name Ama-No-Murakumo, and also tells his that it will be his Codename at Takamagahara, which Yamato excepts. Kikuchi then thinks about Yamato's Gift and says how he would like to turn him into words. Izumo thinks to himself how he left himself get punched and that he will have to report tothe higher ups. Kikuchi then tells Emishi that he ways their to turn him into word, which taiju rushes to his side. Kikuchi then tells allof them about Yomi and how they are all swallowed up by their Karmas. Elsewhere Yomi students leave their base and head out to the world.

Days later, Mizuho wakes up and notices that she is missing her breast and that she grew something inbetween her legs, which confuses her. She then heads down stairs but panics and doesn't talks about it with her sisters. At school, Fukada wonders where Yamato is and thinks that is off training. He along with his men decide to train the Yamada way but screw it up. Elsewhere Musashi returns home after winning the championship belt. He then wonders where Yamato is and just thinks that he is off training.

later that night, Yamato, Izumo, and Kumaso return to the mortal pain. Elsewhere Mizuho is putting up fliers of Yamato, When she is confront by students of Yomi. The students the rush Mizuho and put her into a school uniform. Mizuho gets scared and turns back into a girl. Mizuho is then grabs by one of the students. Yamato then shows up and frees her.